Sama Workshop

Most of yoga pose involve a lots of end-stretching position, arm balance, Hip and spine twisted position which come with great benefit but sometime they also encounter wrist, Knee, and shoulder pain.

By introducing Prehab concept, where we point out the cause of pain in the 3 areas, make a well understanding of how our body move, and the exercises that are design to target the common weakling and fix the common mistakes in all 3 areas. To ensure that you can point out when you make a mistake and figures your way out for which is correct.

First is to indroduce the key mechanics of the body, the Link, is the connection through out the entire body, how our parts of the body communicated in motion, and in asana, based on Anatomy train. Then we point out the common mistake which occur so the link was broke, which we call leakage, which resulted in concentration of tension upon joint and tendon.

Understanding of how our body work and how it shouldnt give us clues to detected the weaklink in the motion and so then we can come up with a counter measure, that’s the “Prehab”

Ukrit tanasanti, coach mum, graduated from Mechanical Engineering and has been in sport, fitness and Movement for over 10yrs, who passionately obsessed with one question and one question only, “How Human Work?” . Work mostly on fixing how people move, in a wide range of clients, from office people, recreational athletes, youth athlete, National Athletes, or retire seniors.

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