Jessica Walden



Date : 19 June 2021

Time : 8.00-9.30 (Bangkok Time)

Topic : Finding Effortlessness in Your Practice:

PRICE : 1,200 THB

In this workshop Jessica will show that by simply practicing, and sometimes starting over again, relearning, and building new connections with your breath, you can relax, soften and actually find more lightness and strength inside of you. Jessica’s approach to this workshop will be to compliment the Ashtanga teachings by sharing some of the tools she has developed over time to assist with finding your own sense of lightness and effortlessness in the practice.

:: We will go over the anatomical and physiological aspects of mula bandha and uddiyana bandhas as well as the benefits of the bandhas in practice and in everyday life.

:: We will also attempt to access the mula bandha and udiyanna bandha through breathing and the various types of asanas in the practice (forward bends, back bends, standing postures, simple arm balances), specifically focusing on certain asanas that might make that connection more conscious.

:: We will explore how finding lightness in the practice begins with a lightness of mind and a stable foundation in the body. 


Date : 26 June 2021

Time : 8.00-9.30 (Bangkok Time)

Topic : Navigating Injury or Pain in the Practice

PRICE : 2,000 THB

This session will explore some essential practices that we can do in order to avoid injury or heal from it. Jessica will share the story of her major spinal injury and how she managed the very severe condition by using the yoga practice, but this will also be an interactive session where we will share stories and look at options for healing. We will explore various ways we can approach our practice as well as our own belief systems to help the healing process. This workshop will also give us a chance to get to know each other a little better.


WORKSHOP#1 : Finding Effortlessness in Your Practice / 1,200 THB
WORKSHOP#2 :  Navigating Injury or Pain in the Practice / 2,000 THB


Jessica started a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice in 1994. From 2001 to 2011 she made several trips to Mysore, India, to study with Patthabi Jois, Sharath and Saraswati and has been granted a Teaching Authorization Certificate (Level 2) from the KPJAYI in Mysore. Jessica has taught at at a variety of studios in the USA and Australia, including Tim Miller’s Shala and the Jois Yoga, and has assisted Sharath at KPJAYI Mysore. More than anything, Jessica sees herself as a life-long student of this practice. 8 years ago, Jessica suffered a major spinal injury that was diagnosed as a grade 3 spondylolisthesis at L5/S1 and the loss of the disk between those two vertebras. This not only meant that she could no longer do intense backbends, but the condition often requires invasive surgery to stabilize the spine and alleviate pain.

While initially this injury caused a lot of fear and pain, Jessica did not get back surgery and instead used the injury to inform how she would practice from that day forward. With an awareness of what is happening on the inside and an observance of how she can access the subtle energies deep within to find control, she has cultivated a gentle strength, grace and flexibility. Jessica’s approach to her teaching is to provide methods for students that help them to find their own control, grace, and effortlessness in the practice.

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