Class Description

Mysore Class

Based on self practice in Ashtanga Vinyasa where practitioners focus on each individual space, breath and journey. Our qualified and experienced teachers will assist each student individually upon specific needs by giving physical adjustments and verbal instruction. 

Chandra Krama

The Moon Sequence designed by Matthew Sweeney is considered a subsequence for balancing the heating and demanding energy in Ashtanga  practice. The flow is  gentle and more subtle for building body awareness.
” The Moon Sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body (evidence of the Rajasic elements of the Ashtanga practice) particularly for students who work too much, or too soon on the jump throughs and jump backs. It places more emphasis on the lower body, the hips, and a soft and stable abdomen.” -yogatemple
This sequence will help you rebalance energetically, psychologically and physically.

Led Class

Led Primary Series
This class is suitable for experienced students who already familiar with Vinyasa and have practiced at least up to Marichayasana C. The teacher will call out the postures and vinyasa in classical Sanskrit as practice at KPJAYI. The group move and breath together in sync. It is highly energetic and best for refining what you have learned in Mysore class.
*Noted : recommend to stop at the same pose you are practicing in your Mysore practice.